Our goal is to teach our kids, the knowledge of making healthier food choices, so that when they grow up, they know what's nourishing and good for their bodies. In 2015...We began to eat healthier as a family, reducing unhealthy processed foods, dairy, meats, and slowly transitioned and incorporated an alkaline lifestyle in 2017, which impacted our lives from then on...that’s when we discovered the powerful sea vegetable, sea moss along with learning about herbs and what they provide for our body. We felt amazing, felt life, felt electric! We wished that our family and friends knew about Sea Moss and would love how healthy we would all be if it was a part of our daily routines. We started making sea moss for family and friends and now, we are overdosed with gratitude to have a medium to spread knowledge, empower, inspire, encourage and heal from within, with food. We hope you enjoy, stay fresh, and get rooted with our products that are staples in our household!


We are truly grateful that you've chosen to live the

Freshly Rooted Tribe Life!

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